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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas at Cudjoe Key and Key West

A windy Christmas morning. Of course, in 95 percent of the country, people probably weren't able to kayak in swim suit and t-shirt.

 I put in at the end of Blimp Road on Cudjoe Key.

Vulture over the dump

 Because of the wind, I landed.  Moved up the road a bit and launched again from the side of the road.  More protection from the wind

The ibis are in the SearsTown Parking lot.  Last minute Christmas shopping.
 Biking over the Salt Run
 From my sister's house to my brother in law's house
Not Bill's house, but I like it.
 Rasta Claus
 Bill is building a fountain/pool

 Arlo and Avivia
 Andy and Aviva.
Finnegan is not aware I am not a domestic animal person.  But, he does make a fine napkin.

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