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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Geiger Key, Sugarloaf Key, and Salt Run

I launched at the spot on Geiger Key, just past the RV park and tiki bar.

Another windy day, so I explored in and out of the mangrove islands.


 Geiger Key Marina

 Magnificent frigate bird

 A peek at the open water
 Back to the mangroves

Of course its world famous.  After all, it has been in Dave's Yak Tales.
 Coming to shore
 Ibis in the parking area

 Bridge from Geiger Key to Big Coppitt Key
 Iguana at the Sugarloaf Lodge.  Where I put in again, thinking it might be less windy on the Florida Bay side.

 Still windy

 I found shelter

Sugarloaf Lodge Tiki Bar.  The view from inside is coming up

 Fish from the dock after I landed.

Best deal in the Lower Keys. $5. Pulled pork. With a $2:50 Yuegling

Back to my sister's for a bit, than back in the kayak.

Salt Run expands into a pond less than 2 blocks from Monica's house

 The bridge I picked over on Christmas
 Flagler Avenue bridge

 Into the Riviera Canal

 Though the mangroves to the Salt Ponds

Could not linger long. Stupid, short, December days.

 Don't have to worry about errant drives

Back in the pond where I began
 Salt Run continues

 Roosevelt Blvd.

Not a pelican

 Dinner at Mangia Mangia

 Never noticed the art on the ceiling.  Maybe because I never had to wait for the restroom before.



Heather Cattell said...

Wow! Amazing photos! Do you wear your camera on your head, or what?

Dave said...

Thank you. I just have beautiful subjects and delete (most) of the bad photos.