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Cedar Key Sunset

Thursday, December 24, 2015

No Name Key, Key West

Its a long, tedious, drive to Key West.
 Until you get to the Seven Mile Bridge

Launching at No Name Key. At the end just across the bridge from Big Pine Key.  Must have been choppy on the other end of No Name.


 Henry Flager's bridges

Magnificent frigate bird.

 I think I saw at least 8 deer on Christmas Eve

 Great white heron
As you know, it has white legs.  Great egrets have black legs.

Must be nice.  To be able to sniff your butt.

Don't these people have families?
 Bridge work

Speaking of family, nephew Evan and spouse Camila hosted Christmas Eve festivities.

 Olivia, Phineas, and Cannon have fun with flashlights

 Aviva works on her grip for next year
 Christmas lights.  And a star.

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