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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Salt Springs Run, Ocala National Forest

Began the day at the Juniper Wayside.
 7:30 AM. I had time to kill before the springs opened at 8
 Robins on the side of Highway 19

 Yearling Trail
 Baltimore oriole?

 I know these are Florida scrub jays

Not sure if the cardinal is from St. Louis

I was waiting for Silver Glen Springs to open so I could get this.

Into the tilapia

I mean, Silver Glen Spring.

Jody's Spring

Two cars at Silver Glen.  Both with Protect Florida Springs license plates.  Both Annual Pass holders. A nice local lady.
Dirt road into the Salt Spring Run Marina.  My new pass does not include this facility. Had to shell out the usual 5 bucks.

As it is winter in Florida, they must be old coots.

 Salt Run Trail overlook

 Ancient Indian Mound
 Modern camping, picnic, party spot
Red shouldered hawk

Another mound

Lake George

Wild, or controlled?

Camera over the side

Leaving the Marina
Salt Springs Recreation Area


Salt Springs has several narrow vents

 Out of the water

 On to Juniper Springs
Need to get my money's worth on the Spring Hopper pass. Unlike my State Parks pass, where $60.00 gets you in for a year from the month purchased, the Springs pass runs from January 1 to December 31.


 Sand boil in Juniper Run

Can't beat the views along the trail from Juniper Spring to Fern Hammock Spring

 "Hidden" boils.  Between Fern Hammock and the campground

When I first began visiting Juniper Springs, 11 years ago, all they rented were traditional aluminum canoes.

Now, they have plastic ones
 And, kayaks

 Sunset stop at Beakman Lake

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