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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weeki Wachee

 Up the Weeki Wachee from Rogers Park

Hospital Hole


 These people were racing.  A fairly narrow, twisty river, with a fast current is not a good place to hold a race, if you ask me.   One asshole yelled at me to move over.  Fuck you, I thought, if your group is going to race here, the racers are the ones who need to avoid obstacles in the river.

 Wonder what the racers..some who were nice... thought of this.


Time to turn around

Chickens. Paddling on a canal.  Looking for a place where I would be staying in April.

 I don't know the story behind the waterfall

 House sale signs.  Transformed into paddles!
Just kidding.

 Back on the River


Back to Rogers Park at 3:37
Snorkeling at Weeki Wachee Springs

 The slide and whatnot is closed in the winter. OK by me.
Softshell turtle


Luis said...

Beautiful pic.

Luis said...

Beautiful pics...now that the post is finished.

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