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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sweetwater Cabin Day 2, Silver River

Down the canal from Ray Wayside to the Silver River

The first of many wood ducks.  This one female

Her chicks

Black crowned night heron


First alligator of the morning

Lots of wood ducks and anhingas.

And, wood ducks with anhingas

Center this, and I could submit it for the Duck Stamp.  Or not, I think those are hand painted.

There are several springs in the first half mile of the Silver River. Or last, if like me, you came up River. Some are harder to locate than others.

Would have missed this had I not paddle right over it

Another spring.  With a boat at the bottom

Nesting cormorants

Patient alligator

I have seen anhingas, blue herons and now, cormorants all nest at this small island.

New sign
Chief Osceola

The main spring. With statues on the bottom.  Movie props.

Since this waterway opened to the public,  this may be the first time I have entered at the up River end.

An old bridge here was torn down.  Last time I was here, new beams crossed the waterway.  A boardwalk winds through the swamp.

Looks like it will incorporate the old Jungle Cruise landing.

Exiting the Fort King Waterway

Spot the gator

Prothonotary warbler

 Turtles, out, and in the River

 Getting on the web at the library

 Back at the cabin

 Surveying the property.

Wildcat Lake