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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Deleon Springs State Park 4-9-16

13:38 I must have worked, Saturday morning

 Spring Garden Lake

Spring Garden Creek

 Pontoon Landing

There used to be a rusty tin roof over these pilings

Because of the dam, and semi enclosed pool, De Leon Springs does not have very good underwater views late in the day.

I was walking  around as I waited for a table at the Sugar Mill Restaurant.
The wait was too long.  I went to DeLand. Volusia County Courthouse

 Where the downtown streets were closed for a music festival.
The Persimmon Hollow Brewery was my destination

Persimmon is a fruit.  Deleon Springs State Park has a Persimmon Hiking Trail

I forget what I bought as I end this Tale on 11-16-16.

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Luis said...

The opening is another post card nominee.