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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sweetwater Springs Cabin, Day 1 April 29, 2015

I like locking a gate behind me.  Left work at 3:42, yes, I was counting.  A stop at Persimmon Hollow Brewey in Deland, to get some fresh beer and I was on the 1/2 mile sand/dirt road to the Sweetwater Cabin at 20 to six.

 Unloaded most of the car, and was on the water at 20 after.

The numbers are where photos will be place.  No Wi Fi in the cabin.  If you are reading this, I made to a place with internet access.

To Juniper Creek

Up the Creek. Saw an otter, briefly

After the turnaround, I heard something in the water.  Deer?  Saw a wake. Alligator?

A big otter

Back to Sweetwater Spring

I snokeled

There should be more, and better pics when I am in the water with more daylight.

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