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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday in the Lower Keys

Duct tape on a broken kayak paddle, and I gave kid sized SUP paddled to Olivia and Phineas.  But first, I kayaked with their Omi.
We put in at Phin's house.

 Looking for the way to the Salt Ponds from the Rivera Canal

 Red bellied woodpecker


 Salt Ponds

My nephew Evan and his family were going to go out in their boat.
 When Monica and I got back, only the dog was ready.
 So, I had a beer.  While Cannon had a very important question for Aunt Elena.

Phin was ready.

Picked up some sandwiches
 Because the Cow Key Marina has almost everything

 Great egret
 Olivia, Elena, Phineas.

 Camila and Evan up front

Evan found us a secluded sandbar.  Wonderful on a busy holiday weekend

I first had the All Day IPA when brother Pete brought some to Mom's Birthday party. Not sure if that was also Evan's first taste.

 There were sharks and rays and horseshoe crabs.

 Climbing up the roots was easy for Phin,

Coming down, a little more difficult.
 One boat did come to our spot. Olivia's Dad, Aaron.  With two of his clients. Repeat customers for the best light tackle guide in the Lower Keys.

 Cousins. The boys are brothers,

I think the dog is a manatee pointer

 I returned by car,

Then, went kayaking again.
 Looks like I put in on Cudjoe Key.  Blimp Road


 Great white heron
 You can tell by the pale legs.
Great egrets have dark legs

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