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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day, Cedar Key

6:30 AM wake up call on Independence Day

On the water at 8:40
 Crates of fireworks


Faber pencil factory ruins, Atsena Otie Key.

Seahorse Key

Back door to the lighthouse.

It was good to see birds returning to Seahorse Key
 Thousands of birds left Seahorse Key in the spring of 2015.  As I write this on June 6, 2017, I am sad to report I saw fewer birds at Seahorse on a visit a week ago, than I saw in this post.

Looking for a place to stop for lunch
This section of beach was taken

 A distant City of Cedar Key

 Hung out with dolphins for a while

 Back out on the water

 In 2014, I watched the fireworks from the little island below.  In my kayak.

In 2015, I watched from this road side vantage. Biked.  It was low tide, so I did not want to paddle in the dark.
 The fireworks were launched from Cemetery Point, below, in '14 and '15

Black crowned night heron


 4 flags for the 4th

 Fireworks, seen earlier in town, now out on the water.

This year, I got to watch the fireworks from my balcony.

As I wrap up this July 4, 2016, Tale on June 11, 2017,  I think any fireworks I see this year will be from the road. Key West.


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