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Monday, September 12, 2016

Holmes Creek

Tom had told me about Holmes Creek the last time I saw him.  I enjoyed it so much, I went back.

Cypress Spring.  I paddled up the empty run to this beautiful spring I "discovered" in May.  Great! I'll have it to myself.  Saw people, two.  Great.  Recognized them, although I had never met them in person. "Travis M.?"  "Who wants to know?"  "Dave Cannon" "Oh, hi!"  Along with Angel H.


 I picked this up, put it in my pocket.  It fell out.  Sank deeper than I can dive.  No problem for Travis

Cotton Landing

 I do not know these canoers

 My first time at Holmes Creek, back in May, a group of paddlers were in front of me as I went up River from Culpepper Landing.  At a fork, I went where they did not.
 And found spings.

 Leaving the river better than I found it

 Rainbow as I drove south on I-75.  Nice way to end the weekend.  Hopefully I will be back

I did return, and much sooner than expected,

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