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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Florida Caverns State Park and Ocheesee Pond

Batzel Spring
 I could get used to this.  However, adventure beckoned
Florida Caverns State Park is just up the road from the Stone's.

I took the tour.

When leaving home due to a hurricane, no bette place to be than a cave

 Mmmmm baccon

Out of the caverns 

 Into the kayak, on the Chipola River

 Back in the River, this powerful Sping was not visible in March, 2018, due to high water

Another spring

 One hour between the last picture at Florida Caverns State Park and the first one at the Ocheesee Pond ramp.   If I knew how to get there it would have been less.

The "pond" is 2255 acres according to the FWC.

Markers to aid navigation through the watery forest

A three hour paddle

I offered to take Frances and Issac to dinner.
 Went to Madison's
In an old Coca-Cola bottling plant
 Not much of a crowd.  And, I happened to know the other people there.   I was thinking, "the waitress looks familiar"  When Joy E., her husband, and another daughter came in, to be served by their eldest daughter, it all came together.

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