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Saturday, January 24, 2015

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Silver River and more

An early Saturday start on the Silver River.  Shivering monkeys. I drove in my swimsuit, decided to put on long pants before launching from Rays Wayside at 7:02
 Steam rising from the water in the boat basin.  72 degrees when it comes out of the springs 5 miles up stream. Probably high sixties here.  Air, mid 40's

 Down the canal
To the Silver River

Poacher. No fishing on the Silver River

After not seeing any monkeys my last visit, Thanksgiving Day, I came upon a large troop just 30 minutes up River
 I think they were just waking up
 Huddling for warmth.  I believe rhesus are from India.  So, the 40's is cold.




 Black crowned night heron


 Eastern phoebe
 Wood duck

Red shouldered hawks

Belted king fisher


Female wood duck
 First turtle of the day. 8:54. Means it is getting warmer



Pie billed grebe



New sign. The old ones from the days before the state took over the area around the head spring, are gone.
 Hey! Turtles and cormorants!
 Back to the eagle
 First time I remember seeing a perching bald eagle on the Silver River.  Only fly overs before

Entering the Fort King waterway.  Heard sounds.  Odd birds, I thought

Not birds, monkeys
 At the point where the waterway makes a sharp right turn.  A bit further down, the first people I saw all morning were looking into the trees.  More monkeys


Sharon Stone

Another monkey video

And, another



Entering the main spring area, 9:48

 First alligator of the morning. Near the warmest part of the River. The main spring.  There are several springs in the first quarter to half mile of the Silver River
 Camera underwater

 Beginning the down stream paddle

The roosting anhingas and blue herons are not yet at the little islands. Just coots and moor hens in the water.


 Trying to photo an otter that was leading me down River

Back into the Fort King waterway.  To see if monkeys were still there





 Park service boat. First motorboat of the morning






More to come07