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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Mosquito Lagoon

 Did a car-bike shuttle at the Apollo Beach end of the Canaveral National Seashore.  After getting an annual pass. Should have waited for early October to get it.  As, like Florida State Park passes, they expire at the end of the month, in the following year.

Began the bike portion of the shuttle at 10:40
Just over a 6 mile ride

Scenic views

Gopher tortise

On the water at 11:24. From the end of the Seashore road,

Midden, or just years of shells being washed up on shore?

The landing at the Castle Windy Shell Mound

Eldora House

Lot 7 Launch

Feeding frenzy

Landed at the Visitor Center
Turtle Mound
Back in the kayak

Fancy new covering on the Turtle Mound Boardwalk.  It has been closed for months.

Landed at 3:25
Drove to retrieve my bike.
Cars in beach parking lot
Boardwalk closed.
People on the beach must have ignored the sign, and broken boardwalk.  Due to tidal surge from Tropical Storm Teddy. People suck.
I went to the next parking area

Walked the beach

Filling my water bottles at the Visitor Center, I asked about Turtle Mound.  The boardwalk to the summit is open.

"We went to all 3 views !" said a kid, coming down with his family.

View one

View two

View three
This used to have a one person wide platforn.  Now these wider ones are at both of the side overlooks.

The old boardwalk.  I am old. This is the second time the boardwalk has been redone in my Florida lifetime. 31 years.