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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weeki Wachee

Sprinkles fell as I drove from Winter Park to Rogers Park on the Weeki Wachee River, Saturday morning, November 22.  The forecast for the area was rain to end in the afternoon.
 No rain as I set out at 7:14.   One other car in the parking lot.  A boat, headed out to the Gulf of Mexico
I went down the short canal and began to paddle up the Weeki Wachee River.

 A short paddle up stream is a large sink hole. And deep.  I landed the kayak, and got in.
Lots of crevale jacks

Two manatees in the milky water


Got out of the water, toweled off, and began paddling up River again



It began to rain.  That, and paddling against the current produced by the 1st magnitude sprig meant very few photos. Saw a bald eagle.  Did not see the nest in the State Park waters

Weeki Wachee State Park tour  boat.  After the boat going out to the Gulf at the start, I saw one other boat the entire trip up River.  Paddled over a manatee at the Park kayak launch.
 10:05 AM reached the turn back point
Manatee and calf across from the tour boat dock

 Still raining


Wekiwa Springs State Park could use one of these
More to come

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lakes Maitland, Nina and Minnehaha

The hawk picture is taken from the dock at Fort Maitland Park.  Wanted to get the front of the sign. "Police Boat Only"  But it flew away.  I do not know why the sign is still there when a new police boat house was just built on the other side of the dock
On Lake Maitland at 9:05

Dog Island.


Always neat to see pelicans in the local inland lakes
Into the canal to Lake Minnehaha
 Wood ducks
To Lake Minnehaha via the canal and Lake Nina
Some type of little bird



The usual anhingas of Lake Minnehaha

 Kingfishers must slow down as the weather cools.  I've been able to capture a couple recently






My local lakes have a very rich bird population year round.

Richer as the weather cools in the north.



Landed at 10:40. Next to the new police boat house.