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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Winter Park Chain of Lakes

Faithful readers of Dave's Yak Tales know that I live in Winter Park, FL. Some of you know that one feature of Winter Park is the Chain of Lakes, and a few of you have joined me on the Scenic Boat Tour, a narrated pontoon trip. One of two public ramps on the Chain is 1.3 miles from my house. So close, that when my car was in the shop, I balanced the yak on a bike and wheeled it to the ramp. But, like a prophet in his own town, I rarely yak the chain. I like wild or semi wild areas. The Chain, with large homes, a college campus, and a museum on its shores, is not wild.

But, anywhere with water wading and diving birds will be found. Large lakes, with tall trees are a haven for osprey. I have not seen any for a while, and never in my 4 to 6 times paddling the Chain, but there are bald eagles, and alligators.

The homes are a bit different then the usual yakdave scenery, but having a home with frontageon one lake, Virginia, and backage on another, Mizell, would be nice.

This home gets the yakdave Earth Day prize for native plants.

Fertilized green lawns to the waters edge are bad for the lakes. Native landscaping brings wildlife, filters runoff, and is much better for water quality. It's a shame more folks don't realize that. That said, I was impressed by the clarity of the water in the lakes.

This was a morning paddle, I did not have to work until 12:30. My choice was a cleaning project or two around the house, or paddling. It was an easy choice. Below is the Fern Canal, linking Lake Virginia and Lake Maitland. The first picture is the Venetian Canal, linking Lake Osceola with lake Maitland. I should leave the house dirty and get out more often on weekday mornings. Afternoons and weekends, no thank you. Water skiers and jet skiers make it no place for a kayak
Another version of the trip, with more photos can be found on the Green Wave link below.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

What a swell day you had (below post). Now I'm all hetted up to see what your got here.

It's Time to Live... said...

nice images