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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Haulover Canal

With a new camera. Canon Powershot SD1100. I got a 25 month deluxe warranty- so even if it falls in the water, I can get it replaced. Last night, as I was fiddling with the new camera, I tried the SD600- the one that, along with me, took a swim in Juniper Creek last Saturday. It worked ! Without the view screen. I got excited, set it to underwater mode (I need to hook it up to the TV to access the menu) and was set to go. Use it underwater only, the new one for everything else. Alas, the resurrection was short. Today, no response when I press the on button.

So, good thing I made the purchase.

I'd say these photos are a little better than Thursday's Crystal River pics from the SD450. I worked until noon, was in the water just before 1:30. The usual Haulover tour. Out from the launch to Mullet Head Island, back on the Indian River, seeing two dolphins and a manatee. Into the cut south of the canal, through "Dolphin Cove" to Bairs Cove to hang out with manatees, about seven, to the Manatee Overlook for more manatees, east on the Canal, two more dolphins, out the first opening on the north side, through the sheltered are, into Mosquito Lagoon, back to the sheltered, smaller, bay, lagoon, back to the Canal, more manatees at the Overlook, one in Bairs Cove, another dolphin in the Canal.

Weather was fine, a bit windy, but it died down, some nasty clouds to the east, this view is south on the Indian River.

The nascent tornado did not form, fortunately.

A big ol' barge

I've described my usual Haulover Canal paddle. I decided to add to it, paddling south to mangrove islands where I've seen alligators before. I did not make it, instead entering a canal system on the east side of the Indian River, behind Bairs Cove. I had never been there before. I think I'll return. A big alligator slid into the water as it felt my presence. Trifecta ! (Manatee, alligator, dolphin). I came to a dead end, turned around. Something in the water. The alligator ? No, a manatee. No, five manatees. Active ones.

Two swam under the yak. one rolling over as it passed below. I resisted the temptation to give it a belly rub. One manatee was not so considerate to me, coming over to, and below the yak, raising up and giving me a brief ride.

Nothing like "discovering" a secret spot. Well, not so secret, an angler cast his line nearby.

I landed just past six, as a tour was preparing to go out. I asked the proprietor of a Day Away Tours if this was a sunset/bioluinescence tour. No, he replied the biolum ended about two weeks ago. So, perhaps my September 17th trip was one of the last days to see living light this season.

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