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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Washington Monuments

No kayaking this weekend, as I went to Washington DC for the marriage of Steve R. to Irene T. the top picture is their remodeled condo, combinng two units, 7th and 8th floor. The Katinas-Bruckwick design will soon be on all the tour bus routes. (M. Bruckwick is my cousin, a fact not known to Steve when he was looking for an architect. Small world).

A view from the condo, aka "The Rozga Hilton" to quote Steve's sister.

Another view.

Here are some other Washington designs.

Waiting for the upcoming White House moving sale.

Lincoln Memorial, from the WW II Memorial.

WW II Memorial

Washington Monument.

Making sure the dollar is sound.

Carnegie Institution

U.S. Capitol .

Smithsonian Castle.

American Indian Museum, from the National Botanical Gardens.

National Archives

The Washington merry-go-round.



Even the bubblers are monumental.

If you know what a bubbler is, you will recognize this shrine photoed as I waited for my flight.

Not the Washington Monument, lower left, but the not yet frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, upper right.

Steve has left a bit of his roots in the condo.

Not, the plants, the Union Terrace chairs.

A final Landmark.

A bottle of Lakefront Brewery's, Wolski's 100th anniversary beer arrived at my home Friday, courtesy of W. Head. aka J. Dyke. Tasty.

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