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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lakes Maitland, Nina, and Minnehaha

No Francophiles on the lakes this Bastille Day, July 14, 2010. Launched from the usual spot, Fort Maitland Park, at 8:50, seeing the usual anhingas.

Three large otters were the above dock, two dove in, I was only able to get a photo of the one before it joined its brethren. It is the last dock before entering the canal to Lake Minnehaha. I could hear the otters in the reeds, but did not see them again.

Through the canal, and Lake Nina which I shared with the great egret and a fishing boat, to Lake Minnehaha, and more anhingas.

And a green heron and wood ducks. The patriotic anhinga was in this area. I altered my usual clockwise route around the lake, paddling counter clockwise as that is where the birds were as I exited the canal. I don't think the scareowl is working.

The song may be "Green Eyed Lady", but in the anhinga world its the male's eyes that turn green when he is looking for love. Speaking of eyes, this next great egret can read. Notice the yellow sign.

Female anhingas are identified by their white necks. I've recently learned a new term for these birds, "piano bird" Credit J.B. for that.
I only knew, "snake bird".

Saw a great blue heron at he same time I saw the in flight great egret. That photo, also in flight, only caught the feet and tail feathers, so was deleted.

I only saw one male wood duck. Those are females beneath the wrought iron bench. I usually don't take photos of houses, unless they are the background for an animal shot, but this reflection was to good to pass up.
I circled Lake Minnehaha in 40 minutes. I know because this anhinga was on the same post at 10:01
on the way out as it was at 9:21 on the way in. You'd think I could hold the camera straighter in a placid canal. Birds on Lake Maitland make themselves heard.

A residential canal at the east end of Lake Maitland is one of the most scenic spots on the entire Winter Park chain.

On the way back to the launch I saw an airboat. It was not a loud as those P.O.S s usually are. Figured it had to be a government boat.

I landed at 11:00. The airboat was on the driveway, City of Maitland. I told the workers it was the least obnoxious one I had ever heard. "Muffler". Why don't all airboats have mufflers ? Why isn't this the law? I need to do a little research on this topic.
An angler, the third boat I saw on the lakes this morning, offered to help me put the kayak on the car. I'm getting old, I said sure. No sense looking a gift horse in the mouth, I told him. A two plus hour paddle, home shower, make a sandwich, pack dinner, and to work on time at 12:30.

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