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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lakes Maitland, Osecola, and Nina

The need to sleep overcame my desire to paddle Rock Springs Run before work today. So, this Wednesday, July 21, 2010, I paddled part of the Winter Park Chain.

Mallards and a blue heron at the Fort Maitland launch. I joined them in the waters of Lake Maitland at 8:40. I made my way east, then north across Lake Maitland.

As usual, lots of anhingas as I made my way to Kraft Azalea Gardens on the south side of Lake Maitland.

Into the Venetian Canal to Lake Osceola.

Across Lake Osceola to the Albin Polasek Sculpture Gardens.

I now had a decision to make. Enter the Fern Canal and make a quick visit to Lake Virgina, or paddle back, and time permitting, go into the Lake Maitland- Lake Minnehaha Canal. I decided the later would make for less time pressure, so I turned around.

The Venetian Canal presents pleasing photo opportunities.

Anhingas and cormorants in the cypress trees marking the Maitland/ Winter Park border.

Plenty of time left to go to the Lake Maitland-Minnehaha Canal and Lake Nina.

Re-entering Lake Maitland, above. The osprey pic turned out well. Three others were deleted. Gotta love digital cameras. It has a fish. See the tail?

A pair of wood ducks and a mallard. About four other boats on the lakes, 3 speed boats and a sculler. I landed just before 11:00. Fort Maitland Park is so close to home that the bottom of the kayak had a few wet spots when I took it off the roof in the garage.

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