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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rock Springs Run

Went to Wekiwa Springs State Park this morning, Wednesday, February 16, 2011.  I have not done a weekday morning paddle on Rock Springs Run for a while.  Putting Wekiwa wed rock springs run morning  in the search box showed the last time was November 10.  Good thing I dragged my butt out of bed this morning.
A deer crossed the park road as I drove in.  I had not seen any in this part of the Park for awhile.  As I unloaded the kayak, another deer, or perhaps the same one, wandered in the parking lot.  As usual, turkeys were out and about.

The turkeys were on the hill above the springs.  I wheeled the kayak past them, past the concession, and down the hill to the launch area.  Where a third deer ran across 20 yards or so from the water.  I was in the water just before 8.
One of these pontoons has been tied up at the launch site for several months.  Now there are three.  I googled, eco fitness fishing machine, found nothing.  Nor  is there anything on the Wekiwa Springs State Park website.  Anybody know anything about these?  I assume they are for rent to putz around the lagoon area.

The usual winter morning mist. Windbreaker and wind pants.  But warm enough for bare feet.  I must have been so distracted by the deer that I kept my shoes and socks on.  Did not feel like walking back up the hill for my boat shoes.

:Since I began about 8, I had to turn back at 9:30 to get back to Wekiwa Springs at 11. That gives me time to get the kayak up the hill, snorkel, change, leave, stop at Wendy's and get to work at 12:30.  Saw one otter, no photo. It was 9:26 when I saw the first deer of the paddle.

Upstream of Indian Mound on Rock Springs Run, not quite to the old logging tram pilings.  Perfect time to turn back.

Two more deer before I passed Indian Mound.  The two pics are the same deer.

Saw the first alligator of the day. Just the head above the water. Saw the entire thing as I paddled over it in the clear water. A small one.

Alligator on the Wekiva.
Just one person on the water. A fisherman.  Told me two otters were nearby.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to wait for them to reappear.

I landed a few minutes before 11.  Snorkeled, and 90 minutes later was toiling in my cubicle thinking about where to paddle Saturday.


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