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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wekiva River & Blackwater Creek

Went to Katie's Landing after work this morning, Saturday, February 12, 2011.  The birthday of two legendary figures. Abe Lincoln, and my brother, Chris.
An otter swam across from the launch as I put in at 12:50.  It entered the lily pads and other greenery, poking its head up, checking for danger.  Able to avoid the peril of getting its picture taken.  I paddled around the mat of vegetation, maybe I'd catch the otter on the other side.
Did not see the otter again, just this gator.  And ibis, white and glossy.

Plus moorhens and a tri colored heron.

All photos so far were taken in a six minute span.  Not bad for the middle of the day, all within sight of the launch.  But, I moved on.
Wonder if I paddled as smoothly as these ducks. Saw a couple more smooth paddlers, Mary and Luis.  Hopefully next time I'll recognize their tandem kayak so I can say "Hi" first. 

Sunny, and cool. Had to keep a windbreaker on, and long pants. Windy too, out of the north.  Meaning it would be at my back on the return, up River paddle.

Warm enough for alligators to soak up some rays.

That's a new paddle on top of the kayak.  Can't let company use their hands to paddle the kayak I picked up last week. A Harmony Tortuga, purchased from Sierra Trading Post.  It's a little shorter than my Bending Branches Infusion Dream.  The blade is narrower. 

In addition to Luis and Mary. I shared the Wekiva with less than 10 other boats. A pontoon, a jonboat, the rest kayaks. Got to Blackwater Creek at 2:35.
Paddled up Blackwater Creek 45 minutes, just past the high spot where I , and bears, take breaks.

Pile of bear poop that has been at the break spot since December.
Down Blackwater, back to the Wekiva.

Began the up River paddle at 4:00.

 Eastern phoebe.  Not to be confused with Snow, Phoebe

Astute observers may have noticed the old paddle on top the yak.  I began with the new paddle, to test it out.  Went back to the old, thinking the larger blade gave me better power.  But, it felt heavy.  The old paddle is aluminum, new, fiberglass.  The new one feels a little lighter.  It may be my paddle for the Tsunami.  For the wider Voyager, I'll use the longer, old paddle.  At least that's what I'm thinking, now.

I was disappointed that I missed a couple opportunities to photo a black crowned night heron on Blackwater Creek.  Turns out, I had a few more chances on the Wekiva.

A turkey did not want to share his feeding plot with some ducks.
Sand hill cranes are too big to bully.

Mottled ducks prepare for flight.

Wood storks joined the herons, egrets and ibis near Katie's Landing.

I landed at 5:50. Photo inventory: Alligator, turtle, ibis, glossy ibis, great egret, great blue heron, blue heron, tri colored heron, black crowned night heron, wood stork, anhinga, mottled duck, moorhen, anhinga, turkey, sand hill crane, eastern phoebe.  17, not bad.  Seen, but not pictured, otter, green heron, red shouldered hawk, belted kingfisher, pileated woodpecker, red shouldered hawk, vulture, squirrel, and at least half a dozen little song birds.


Dark Knight said...

Nice to see you again Master Dave. Looks like you had a great time too. Lower Wekiva River is a heck of a place. By the way, I forgot to say Congrats for the Packer's win.

Dave said...

It was good to see you. Folks, cut and paste http://www.clubkayak.com/greenwave/tripreport.asp?trip=684
this to see the photos Dark Knight aka Luis and Mary, took.