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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blackwater Creek

Five visits to the Seminole State Forest since March 5, and not a single deer.  Oh well.   I wrote yesterday that I was considering Rock Springs Run instead of Blackwater Creek after seeing a trailer full of kayaks at the Oaks campsite.  But, after thinking about it,  I figured they'd be long gone by the time I got to the Forest at 2 pm after work.  I was on the water at 2:15.
A beautiful afternoon.  Forecast called for 80 degrees, but it felt cooler on the shaded, spring fed, Creek.
Saw a lot of alligators.  Many more than I have photos of.   Most don't stay on the bank long when a human approaches on this little paddled Creek.
Paddling around a corner, I heard the distinctive sound of teeth on shell.  Where was the otter?  A creeklet entered the Creek.  Good spot for otters. Suddenly, three ran along the bank and dove in.  Swam up Creek.  I followed.  Heard their chittering sounds, but did not see them again.  No photos.
Speaking of skittish, lots of wood ducks bursting into flight when I got within 15 yards.
Reached the Wekiva River at 4:30.

I let the combined current of Blackwater Creek and the Wekiva River spin the yak around and began the return paddle.

Took a short break at the usual spot at 5. Here's the view.
Back on the water.
Saw a group of about 5 bobwhite quail in the woods.  Never seen them from the water before, just while biking.  Also seen, and not pictured, belted kingfisher, great egret, anhingas, barred owl, and turtles.

Returned to the launch site at 6:30.
Kept going, as my philosophy is, "The longer I paddle, the more I'll see"

After ten minutes, I saw the above gator, and turned around. The landing area was in site when I saw the bear.

Bet you've been waiting for the bear info all Tale long. On the right bank.  Small.  Perhaps a two year old, out on its own for the first time.  http://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/managed/bear/facts/hibernation/
A bit scraggly looking.  Maybe it had just swam across the Creek.  It ambled along, I  paddled back up Creek, trying to take photos through the trees in the twilight. 
It never ran, just got out of camera range.  I made the right choice, returning to the Seminole State Forest to paddle Blackwater Creek on my half-work day.  Landed at 7.

And drove off into the sunset.


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Luis said...

Very Nice!!!!!!

freejazzcat said...

Thank you for sharing such a lovely paddle!

Chris said...

nice trip

Chris said...
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looktotheleft said...

that is truely one of your best!!

A3 said...


Long time no read!

I'm missing your tales.
Come on, no post since Tuesday in unheard off.......


Dave said...

Thanks for all the comments, and concern from my Dutch fan club about a 4 day hiatus

Kelly Thomas said...

I so enjoy all your trip reports. Thanks for taking the time to share. Your writing makes me feel I am there with you. Thanks again!

jacquelyn21 said...

It is just beautiful, I live in the area, Cassia, FL . and unfortunately, I feel this wildlife will be in great danger, since the lake county commissioners have just approved a Motocross track in Cassia on St. Rd. 44. The residence are very upset as this will destroy what we live for, peace and quite and the love for the wildlife.