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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue Spring State Park-Snake Creek Loop

My friend, John H. , stayed the night Saturday, actually, Sunday morning, after our kayaking and musical adventure Saturday afternoon and evening.  Considering I turned out my light at 1:00 am, launching into the St. Johns at 10:30 at Blue Springs State Park was an "early" start.
 Manatee season is over, so we were able to paddle up Blue Spring Run to Blue Spring.
John approved.  We could not linger, as boats are not allowed past the swim dock between 11 am and 5 pm.

Out of the Run, we reentered the St. Johns, and paddled south, towards Snake Creek.  It was windy, so I figured  the protected waters of Snake Creek would be the better place.  The wind kept us from my first choice for the day, Canaveral National Seashore.  Choppy waters forecast.
Entering Snake Creek, photo by John.

Much of the Creek was covered with the same algae that covers this gator.  It was a thin layer, and no problem paddling through.

Me, by John.

4 other boats on the Creek.  Two kayakers behind us, for  awhile I thought they'd pass us, they must have turned back.  A motor boat and a pontoon boat as we neared the Hontoon Dead River.  We took a lunch break on the high ground just before the HDR about 1 o'clock.
No wildlife pics from the HDR.   No paddlers, a few motorboats and pontoons.  One dickwad speeding.

Turkeys in the canal leading back to the St. Johns.

Back on the St. Johns, John sees his first manatee.

 We had help spotting it, thanks to the satellite transmitter tethered to its fluke.

Injured manatees are rehabilitated and released back to the wild.  Satellite data tracks their progress.  This must be Jackie.  She surfaced briefly, twice.  I was unable to get a photo.

We did see another alligator.

Until it dove in and attacked!  Just kidding.

Landed at 2:45, loaded the kayaks, then headed to the Spring Run

We swam up to Blue Spring. At least I did, John did not have the advantage of flippers.  Remember, when you visit me, bring the snorkel gear.  I had an extra mask for John.

 We  checked out the Spring, then floated down the Run.

Got photos of bluegills, sunfish, bass, gar and chain pickerel.  Tarpon were in the water down Run of the end of the swim area.

It was good to swim in the Run. First time I've done it since September 25, 2010 with the Kealy's.  Looking at that Tale, I ended by saying "My companions all borrowed my mask and snorkel to get a chance to see the underwater world. Remember, when you come to Florida, bring your snorkel gear."

So, now, no excuse for not bringing yours.

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