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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lakes Maitland, Nina, and Minnehaha

I wanted to go to Wekiva Springs State Park and paddle Rock Springs Run this morning, but I had computer problems last night and so got to bed late.  Malware.  So, I took the computer into Office Depot this morning to get it fixed.  And was told to call an 800 #.   I really need to read before acting.  But, I'm an old guy, and when something breaks, I take it to the shop.  So, back home, made the call, got the problem resolved.   Got into the water about 9:20

Cloudy, and a bit of a breeze.

 Hunting hawk.

No one on the water.  Trailers in the Fort Maitland lot, but I guess the anglers don't think Lake Minnehaha is good fishing. Or, don't want to go slow through the canal.

No bald eagles or otters today.

A short paddle, I landed at 10:45.

Coot in front of the boat ramp.  I land on the other side of the dock, on the grass.


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