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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wekiva River

I'd like to thank my world wide audience for asking why there was no Tale for Saturday, March 19, 2011. "Worldwide" being two people, one from Winter Park, FL, the other from The Netherlands.

The answer, another visit from my friend, John H.  You met him through the most recent Space Shuttle and Ocala National Forest Tales.  I met him in first grade.  He drove over from St. Pete to kayak and see some friends perform at a local establishment.  Or the other way around.  Anyway, I worked to noon, John got stuck in traffic, so it was almost 3 PM when we arrived at Katie's Landing on the Wekiva River.

We lazily made our way down the River.

John had got off to an early start to his day and needed to stop for a nap. Almost to the high spot where people camp.
I called back to John to suggest he nap here, he said he was fine where he was.  I continued down stream for another 45 minutes.  Saw several vultures on the bank, heard lots of flies buzzing.   Smelled the carcass when I got past it, down wind.  Alligator.
I turned around and began to paddle back up the Wekiva.  For a while I wondered if I passed my napping friend.

. Two guys fishing could not recall if a yellow kayak went by,  Eventually, I saw John on the high dry spot just down River from Wekiva Haven.   If he chooses,  he can report on why the yak was upside down on the bank,  No, he did not fall asleep and fall in.

We landed at 6:30.

Sandhill crane at Katie's Landing.  Being one myself, I'm partial to redheads.
Two hours 13 minute later, another red head.
The interim was spent driving home, showering, and introducing John to Bubbalou's Bodacious B-B-Q.   He liked it.  We then went to Will's Pub for Lowebow Fest..  "Lowebow" being a cigar box guitar, built by the first performer, Johnny Lowe.  We arrived after his set.  Here are his creations.
The second act, Hymn for Her, a duo from Philly.  The sound they made from the cigar box, and acoustic, harmonica, and minimal drum kit was amazing.  Here's a taste.

The third group, or duo, and second we saw, were the folks John came over from St. Pete to see.   Purgatory Hill.  Pat MacDonald and Melanie Jane.

John took the above pics.  Like John and I, Purgatory Hill are from Wisconsin.  John has gotten to know Pat and Melanie.  You know a song Pat MacDonald wrote and played in the late '80's.  Future's So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades.   More pics, by yours truly.

Here's a video.
The final act was a local, Ben Prestage.  Another multi-instrumentalist. We only stayed for his first two songs, including the Hound Dog Taylor classic, Bring Me Back My Wig.   John wanted to find Pat and Melanie to say goodbye.  We went across the street to Wally's.   Will's does not serve liquor.  Something unheard of in Wisconsin taverns.   Ben Prestage said from the stage,  "Pat and Melanie are probably at Wally's"   They were.  First time I've had a shot with a Grammy nominee.  I told them about Ben's comment, and they replied they'd better get back.   The final jam with all the performers must have been something, but it was way past my bedtime. 


Luis said...

I was wondering why there was no tale last night. Have to admit was a little concerned. Glad to know you are OK.

Did you see the Sandhill Crane nest across Katie's?

Dave said...

Luis, I did not see the nest. I went back in the area across from Katie's for a short time before we landed but forgot about the nest.

Luis said...

OK. Wifey wants to go and take a quick look to see if there are any sandhill crane chicks. Maybe this Friday after work. My office is less than ten minutes from there.

John honz said...

I was attempting a sitting on the top of the kayak re entry..umm failed.... :) And really want to thank Dave for his awesome adventure guiding...He's pretty rough on the new recruits however.... but I think it's like a tough love....

Dave said...

Folks, John isn't a new recruit. This was his fifth time kayaking with me. He's at least a paddler first class.