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Cedar Key Sunset

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blackwater Creek

I went to the Seminole State Forest after work today, Wednesday, June 29, 2011 and got a 90 minute paddle in on Blackwater Creek.  A deer ran into the forest across the road from the launch site as I removed the yak from the roof.  As I pushed off, a large alligator swam up the Creek.  I thought of following it, but headed downstream instead,

It was raining as I left work, but no rain when I began paddling at 6:35.

Young blue heron
This gator
Did not move as I approached.  Despite a slap of the paddle, and a shout.  If it were bigger, I might have turned back.
It finally submerged when I got within a few feet.

Yellow crowned night heron

Turn back point. To bad I had spots on the lens.

Birds seen, not shown, include limpkin, anhinga, cardinal and a pair of barred owls.  An otter, too.

I paddled past the launch for a few minutes, than came back, landing at8:08.
Stopped for pictures on the way out.

Unlocking the gate, I said, gotta get the sunset over Bear Pond.

When I got home, a neighbor asked,  "Do you canoe every day"  "No, I kayak three times a week"  After more chit chat, she asked if I was retired.  I wish.


SFlaGuy said...

Not so sure I would take my inflatable out with the gators but it looks like a great trip.

Dave said...

Not to mention sharped toothed otters and skooching over partially submerged logs.

Octohawk said...

Great sunset photos. I need to get back to Blackwater.. or anywhere. My kayak has sadly been very lonely the past couple of weekends. When I'm in an adventure rut, I typically come to your site to get inspired.

Dave said...

Ohawk, if you are reading this, go outside, put the kayak on the car, and find some water.