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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Madison to Milwaukee (and Mequon)

Should have brought the camera down to breakfast at the Lowell Center Sunday morning, June 12, 2011. After a light breakfast of muffin and fruit (the sausage was gone) Steve and I filled our coffee and juice cups and headed for the Terrace.  And saw the sun for the first time.  Sailboats racing on Lake Mendota.  Wet suited windsurfers falling over in the wind and whitecaps.  Not a good day to rent a canoe at the Union, and I had to get back to Milwaukee.  So back to the Lowell, grabbed our bags and headed to the parking garage.

Lake Wingra, where we kayaked on Thursday, is the fifth Madison Lake.  I guess its not included because it is linked to Lake Monona by a creek which is partially a man made canal.

Damn! next time, I'm going to Madtown midweek.

 Steve is a great moving car photographer.

We had been thinking of going to the game, which the Brewers won, moving into first place.  But my niece was graduating from Homestead High, in Mequon, Wisconsin, and I told my Mom I'd me more than happy to drive her.  Besides, I was using her car.  And, I've never missed a high school graduation of a niece or nephew when I was in the same state. This made me 4 out of 8. Finally, I had to get in good with Megan, her brothers and parents, as they headed to Sanibel right after the graduation.  That's why we were in the back of the gym.
My brother Pat said her class is bigger than the college she'll be attending http://southwestern.edu/

I have a close up as she walked past us on the way out, but I won't post it here- Unless you want me to, Megan.

Later, Mom, brother Pete and I had dinner at an old favorite. Pandl's in Whitefish Bay.  I had the weinerschnitzel,  Pete, rouladen, Mom, lamb shanks.   Good stuff.   German, Mexican, Greek, Italian, I ate well all weekend.

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