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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Milwaukee to Orlando

Is this heaven?  No, its Milwaukee.
Monday, June 13, 2011. Began the morning walk in Lake Park with something I don't see in Florida.  A chipmunk in my Mom's yard.
A cool, sunny morning.

When I was a kid, we'd ride our stingrays in the ravine.

Now as an old codger, I'm glad bikes aren't allowed in the ravine.

Growing up in Milwaukee, I took Lake Park and the lakefront for granted.

The iconic Milwaukee County Parks sign. Or is it iconic is every park has it? I crossed Lincoln Memorial Drive to McKinley Beach.

A Milwaukee panorama- if I took the time to stitch these together.

If it were winter, and the trees bare, you'd have a better view of the lighthouse.
Walked back up the bluff, on a different trail through the ravine.

 Pitch and putt, 18 hole course. Where I first played.

Newberry Boulevard, links Lake Park and Riverside Park, 12 blocks west. Growing up, I was told 12 city blocks are one mile. So, its one mile from Lake Michigan to the Milwaukee River.

Perfect place for human habitation.
 The Oak Leaf Trail is and 80 mile or so bike route, on paths, streets, parkways and through County Parks.  A green necklace around Milwaukee.
Oak tree.
Intersection of Lake Drive and Lincoln Memorial Drive.
I'll be back in August can't wait.   My flight was delayed an hour, so I had time to kill at Billy Mitchell.

Leinekugels, Usingers, and I picked up a Super Bowl XLV Championship T-shirt. Now that's a trifecta !

Took photos from a plane for the first time.

 Miller Park
 State Fair Park and the Milwaukee Mile
 Waukesha Lake Country.  
Due to storms over North Florida, the pilot detoured, coming in over the Gulf.

 I first thought this was Tarpon Springs, now, I'm thinking Clearwater.
 I know this is Fort DeSoto.  Easy to recognize the "chicken foot"

Flew past OIA, and turned around. Good chance to see some Orlando landmarks.
 Lake Conway.
 Citrus Bowl and Tinker Field.
Downtown. Lake Eola in the foreground.  Turned just south of Winter Park, so do pic of Yakdave HQ.

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