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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rock Springs Run

Due to a work schedule change, my Wednesday paddle came in the evening, not the morning.  Worked 9-5:30.  Figured I could get a two hour paddle in.  Launched from Wekiwa Springs State Park at 6:25.  Lots off rentals still out.   Must be keeping the concession open longer with longer days.  It used to close at 5 pm.
Another change since my last visit.
A new sign on the Wekiva.  It could be a month old, I haven't been to Wekiwa Springs State Park since May 19.

No one was on Rock Springs Run.

I turned back in the twisty section, just up Run of the spot where a flow comes in from the left.  Here's the view up Run at the turn around.
7:27 PM. The opening photo is the photo taken after I turned around.

In addition to the birds pictured, I saw a black crowned night heron and a swallow tail kite.  Saw a couple prothonotary warblers. Heard barred owls.

 The only gator I saw.  Saw two raccoons, one otter.

Landed at 8:30.  New yaks in the rental fleet.

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