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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wekiva River

Paddled the Wekiva River from Katie's Landing today, Sunday, June 5, 2011. We launched about 9:45. We would be me, and a co-worker, Stephanie. A couple of my work mates have asked about yaking with me, she has been the most persistent.

I picked the right day to have a paddlin' partner.  Sometime during these early photos, a branch, perhaps the ones with the great blue heron, brushed the side of my face.  Knocking my glasses into the water. Where they sank.  So, Stephanie would say, "there's an alligator" and a few seconds later, I'd see it.

We weren't to far past Wekiva Haven when an angler told us to look for a manatee.  Steph saw it, I did not. Bad day to lose my glasses, I thought.  We continued on.  The manatee followed.

I've only seen a manatee further up the Wekiva back in August 2008, after a week of rain from Tropical Storm Fay raised the River several feet.  It is running low now, as the summer rainy season begins.

A second, larger, manatee was further down the River.  I did not get any photos.  Don't know if Steph did.

Prothonotary warbler.
We took it slow and easy down River. Perfect after almost 8 hours on the Chassahowitzka, Saturday.  It was just past noon when I suggested we head back.

Look closely for another prothonotary warbler.
We were cautiously eyeing a large alligator when an even larger manatee surfaced.  The opening photo of this Tale.  No one, but two, probably the saw two we saw earlier.  Now together.  And by "together" I mean "together",  if you get my drift.   I drifted over them, rolling under the yak, one with its flipper on its mate.  To deep and dark for decent, I mean clear, photos.

We took two breaks on the way back. First at the high, flat spot that people use to picnic and camp.  A canoe with two people landed just as we did, we left after stretching our legs.  A bit later, we paused in a shady spot for sandwiches.  In the kayaks.

 One motor boat, maybe 10 other paddlers on the Wekiva.

 We landed at 2:20.  A nice 4.5 hour Sunday paddle.  Alligators, manatees, a wide variety of birds, and I almost forgot, otters. 

Post scrpt.  A few more photos, coutresy of Stephanie.

 I must be a good guide, here's the otter I did not get a photo of.


Luis said...

Nice manatee pics on the Wekiva River. Thumbs Up

Stephanie said...

Wow, thanks a million Dave, for the yak trip. Your patience and knowledge were invaluable, and truly appreciated. Please let me know anytime you're going out and wouldn't be annoyed to have a partner, or anticipate losing your glasses, and need a set of seeing eyes :)

Dave said...

Thank you, Luis.
You're welcome, Stephanie.