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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alexander Creek

Went to the Alexander Springs Recreation Area today, Saturday, July 24, 2011.   Once again accompanied by my friend from work, Stephanie.  I have had paddling partners every weekend since June 5.  If this continues, I'm going to to lose my reputation as the guy who only paddles alone.  We were in the water at 10:15.  Would have been in at 10 but I wasn't paying attention and missed the turn off US 19.

Lotsa limpkins. And turtles.

Female anhinga.

The white neck is the sign it is female.  I don't know how to determine an alligator's gender.
And keep all my fingers.

The ibis meant we were past the Lake County Road 445 bridge, my old put in spot. I said, "There were no ibis before the bridge,  no limpkins after."

Resurrection fern lush and green on the above tree. Meaning plenty of recent rain on Alexander Creek.

Not many people on the Creek as we headed down stream.  A couple launching a rental canoe as we set out, a solo kayak angler, two people launching stand up paddle boards at the bridge.  First time I've seen those on Alexander Creek.  Two more kayak fishermen coming up stream.
 The almost mature blue heron was perched over the turtle line up.

 I may have to edit the "no limpkins past the bridge" comment.
We wondered why this great blue heron's neck was folded down.
Looking now, it may have had a meal going down.
We turned around at 11:40.  The view down Creek.
And up, 10 minutes later.
As you can see, a beautiful day.  Enough clouds for the sun to hide now and then, no rain clouds.

I did not notice the piggy backing gators when I took this photo.  I was concentrated on the one behind them.  A fourth was in the water. I'm sure I missed more.

 This limpkin was at our lunch spot.

Under the bridge.  From here back to Alexander Spring, it was busier, but not to bad for a summer Sunday afternoon.  No motors allowed past the bridge, we saw none all day.

I was taking either the otter or limpkin picture, when Stephanie took one of me.
Okay, she was taking a picture of the alligator in the weeds and the reflecting clouds.  I'm the little red speck.

 The always popular reflecting trees, clouds and paddler picture.
 Reflecting Florida cooter and red bellied turtle.

We landed at 1:40.   After getting the kayaks on the car, the cool spring water was more than refreshing.
Blue gill

Sun fish

Swimmers above the Spring.

Did not see a great egret all day. Correction, almost all day.  None in the Ocala National Forest, one on the side of the on ramp from Maitland Avenue to Interstate 4.


Luis said...

Great pics, specially the opening one. It is fantastic. Wifey liked it a lot too.

Dave said...

If she likes it, it must be good.