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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wekiva River and Blackwater Creek

Crowded when I got to Katie's Landing, 4 ladies getting ready to launch their kayaks.  Two trucks right at the River's edge. Like they were backing a trailer. Only they did not have a trailer.  I had my car out of the way and carried my yak a long 20 feet. Sarcasm intended.  Another car, family of four, with a trailer, pulled off to the side to unload. Much better.  I was underway at 8:40.

Moor hen
Great blue heron

Blue heron

Green heron.
Humans, after leaving Katie's, were two early rising kayakers on their way back up River, two illegal campers at the usual spot, and one couple fishing.
Arrived at Blackwater Creek, 10:20

Turned back at the usual spot, 10:55.  Did not stop, wanting to get back before the afternoon rain. Reached into the cooler for another water bottle, granola bar, and orange.  The orange fell into the Creek.

Back on the Wekiva, 11:45


Great egret

Saw two more kayakers, another fishing boat, and the illegal campers, motoring fast and nosily up down River. They did slow when the approached me.

Rain drops.  Am I smart, or what?     

The drizzle stopped, I checked out a couple of birds across from Katie's Landing.

Landed at 1:40.  No deer or manatees this Sunday.

Went for a walk to look for deer, saw a turkey, no deer.
The deer were waiting for me to leave.
From the car on Wekiva Park Road

Mother carefully ducked low under the barbed wire.

The entire Wekiva River system has been air boat free since 1990.  Please join the effort to do the same for Gum Slough


Joanne said...

Did you report the illegal campers? Warren wants to know so he can get law enforcement out there as needed. Best to call the Wekiwa Springs State Park ranger station and ask to speak to the assistant park manager on call, who would be Sabrina or Amy. I can give you their cell phone numbers---they alternate weekends on duty. You can also call Seminole County Sheriff's Dept, and FWC law enforcement might be worth a call.

Important to report each of these incidents, even if they don't have someone to send out immediately. If enough reports indicate a pattern of abuse, they can schedule patrols.

I don't like being a snitch, either, but this river belongs to all of us, and people who break the law and leave trash and smelly dead fish at the only nice break spot on that stretch of river should be stopped.

Dave said...

I did not.
You already gave me the phone numbers.
Amy Conyers 321 229-8375

Sabrina Smith 321 229-8374

They are the Assistant Park Managers and one or the other will always be there on the weekends.