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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rock Springs Run and Wekiwa River State Park

Fox Squirrel

I gave the Park equal billing because I biked 4 plus miles, walked 3.4, and saw my second ever fox squirrel.  First one was years ago, also at Wekiwa Springs.  I remember thinking, "What is that? Someone's pet ferret got lost?"
I was on the water at 9:15.  Nice thing about Wekiwa Springs for me. Its close to home. So after a long week, I can stay in bed relatively late, and be on the water relatively early.

Female wood duck.

I did the usual down the Wekiva and up Rock Springs Run paddle.


I planned to turn back where I usually do, but just as I got near where the tree canopy closes in again up Run of the Big Buck campsite, paddlers came down stream.  So I continued up stream for a few more minutes before turning around at 11:07.

The water level has gone down, the Run is clearer than it was on my last visit, September 18.


Only alligator photo of the day. In the lagoon, left side as I paddled towards the canoe beach.  I saw two other small ones on Rock Springs Run. Or was it the Wekiva?  Memory fades 2 days later.  I landed just before 1.  The Park was much busier than it was on my last Sunday visit, three weeks ago.  People said to themselves. "Wait a minute, we're in Florida.  No reason to stop outdoor activities just because its after Labor Day"
I wheeled the kayak up the hill, stopping half way to eat cold chicken.  Where I asked a couple with a Saints balloon if they minded sharing the only picnic table on the deck with a Packer fan. Got the kayak on the car, got on the bike, and went to Sand Lake.
Left the bike, unlocked near the trail map kiosk, and began the Mill Creek Loop Trail.
Mill Creek

Rock Springs Run
Big Buck campsite is just a smidge over half way.  A sign on the trail leading to the campsite from Rock Springs Run has arrows pointing in opposite directions, both 1.7 miles to Sand Lake.  I sat down, had another piece of chicken, and continued the hike.

Back to the Sand Lake Trailhead.  Sat down, had a plum, then biked back to the main Park area.
The fox squirrel.  The gentleman in the car stopped.  Asked me what it was. I told him.  "Always see something on this road"
To my surprise, I saw no deer all day.  I took a quick dip in the Springs to cool off, no snorkel gear or camera.   Got home, turned on the TV in time to see the Packers first TD against the Saints.