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Cedar Key Sunset

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blackwater Creek

After 6 days on salt water, 8 out of nine going back to the last Cedar Key visit, it was nice to be on a spring fed creek again.
 Driving on Sand Road in the Seminole State Forest.
After locking the gate behind me.  I love doing that.

 On the water at 1:14.  I worked in the morning.
Down Creek.

Hidden limpkin
 BIG gator about to hide



I was afraid of this.  Tree blocking the Creek.  Paul, who I met on Blackwater the first Sunday of the month, had reported this blockage.  It had been partly cut away on the left side, but another tree further blocked the way.  Resting on the main log, the bow hit the branches of the other deadfall.  If I really needed, or wanted to, I could have got over.  But, it would have taken too much effort for too short paddling time.  It was 2:43.  I turned back.  Perhaps I would bring the 2 foot shorter Pungo on Sunday.
 I do strange things paddling where no one can see me.  Like laughing to myself.
Just when I saw this gator.
 I kid you not

 Red shouldered hawk

Baby gators

Back to the bridge and launch site at 4:20.  I continued on.

Moccasin Springs campsite empty.  I should be there.  I asked when it was next available when I also asked for the day pass.  The weekend of 12-27. I said I'd take it.  That was on 11-15.  I did not get the day pass until 12-2.  Good from 12-9 to 1-9.  No camping permit.  As I am thinking about it, I just emailed the Forest Service to see when I get a camping permit.
 I turned back at the campsite
Sad sight.
Saw another 4 footed animal, briefly. Not sure what it was. Low, moved fast.  I'm thinking pig. Also saw turkeys.

Landed just after 5.


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