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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rock Springs Run

A surprise paddle on Christmas Eve.  We were told the office was closing at 1 today. Would have been nice if they told us that earlier.  Like Monday.  To work longer to make up the hours we will not get paid for.  And to have the kayak on the car.  But, I am merely a pawn.   In honor of Christmas, I wanted to see 8 deer.  Or 9.  I thought I saw 11.  Nope, 12, as I see the little one in this photo, which was not part of the count.
 Underway at 2:37

 First deer

 There were 2.

Deer number 3, on the other side of Rock Springs Run

 Turned around at 4.   Had not reached the posts of the old logging road between the Indian Mound and Big Buck campsites

This deer may be repeats, seen on the up Run paddle.  Memory says I saw 4 in the second open area, up Run of Indian Mound.



 Another deer
Only alligator I saw on a cool afternoon.  I kept my windbreaker on. I saw some shirtless paddlers earlier.  I asked where in Wisconsin they were from.  Colorado.

Two nice bucks. Something behind me, probably another deer, made some noise, and they ran off.




Pileated woodpecker


 Green heron

Landed at 5:38.  Always good to have another afternoon in the kayak.

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