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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rock Springs Run

Last paddle of 2013. Scheduled myself for half a day. Extend the New Year's holiday.  I will work Saturday morning.  Wanted to go to Haulover Canal, but the forecast was choppy.  Thought about Blackwater Creek, but decided Wekiwa Springs State Park was closer for an afternoon paddle on a short winter day.  And, I'd have a better chance of seeing deer.
 On the Wekiva River at 2:20
 Pie billed grebes

It was crowded. Guess lots of people had the day off.  Wisconsin may have lost to South Carolina in the Citrus Bowl, but we won on the water.  Saw one Badger hat and one Packer T-shirt.  No Gamecock gear
 River patrol volunteer Joanne, and her friend, Sue?  keeping order.   Once I passed the people in front of them, I just saw three more people as I paddled up Rock Springs Run.  They were coming down.


 Turned back at the big pine up Run from Big Buck Camp. 4 PM
 Medium doe

Probably the same gator I saw last time on Rock Springs Run.  Or else another one stole its spot.  Had just seen a deer on my left, could hear more walking through the bush.

A woman coming up Run said she had just seen three deer, on my left.  A buck was on my right, I could hear, but not see, the deer moving on my left.

Landed at 5:46.  Last paddle of the year.  The 174th day of 2013 I got on the water.

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