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Cedar Key Sunset

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sanibel Thursday

Last day.  Until the next visit

 These concrete blocks made for great photos all week.   With the tidal pools and sunrise.



 A short stroll, followed by a light breakfast.
As this was my last day, and had to leave at 1 to get to work at 5, I needed to get in the kayak.

 Spoonbills, and more, from the car.
Snowy egret, and ibis, from the launch.

Spoonbills from the kayak.  Finally

I had only seen them from the car and bike this trip.



 Back to the roseate spoonbills

 Bald eagle


Landed at 11:13.  The guy in the truck was nice, but needs to learn how to park.

 Last meal on the balcony
 Last look at the Gulf beyond the pool.
Off the Island.

Last Lighthouse look.  Got to work on time at . The office Christmas meal was Wed.  My co-workers saved me bbq and deserts.

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