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Cedar Key Sunset

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cedar Key

My original plan was to stay at Mill Dam Lake Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights.  But, Monday was not available.  So, I went to Cedar Key.
Mill Dam Lake, 9:28 AM.  89 miles, according to the odometer, to Cedar Key.
 On the Gulf at 11:48.   After I had checked in at Park Place.  I did not have a reservation, but Cedar Key is dead on weekends.  So, I was surprised to see a pretty full parking lot.  Damn snowbirds.  Except for the two cars with Wisconsin plates.  Rooms were available.  330 and 331.  331 was ready, 330 had to be cleaned.  Which was the one with wood floor and a leather couch? 330.  I asked for it, paid, got the keys, crossed the street and went kayaking.

 The above boat was involved in some sort of research project.  Guys on the shore at the Fennimore Mill Gulf side beach were tending nets.  "What are you looking for?" asked a bystander.  "Whatever we find"
I was looking for wildlife

Cormorants, black skimmers and gulls on the wreck and oyster bar in the Number 2 Channel

Brown pelicans near the Number 2 Bridge

Tri colored heron and blue heron near the Number 3 Bridge




 Distant white pelicans. Water too shallow to get a closer look

Scale Key scaups







Bald eagle


Landed at 2:30.  Left the kayak on the beach and went to my room.  And saw that although 330 has wood flooring, and a leather couch, it was not my favorite.  So,  I went down to the office and asked if 331 was still available.  It was.  I traded keys


 In the room about an hour, than a bike ride to get dinner
Checked on the kayak.  "Isn't there a leash law?"  The owner whistled for his mutt



Sandy's Produce

 No produce for me.  Shrimp and grouper


Stop for yellow rice, Tabasco, sunscreen, and Leinenkugel's


 Back to Park Place
 Back on the water

 Astena Otie Key



Its all about the angle
 Not a single pelican.  Perhaps a first at the Astena Otie pier


Time for sunset






 Snowdrift Vanilla Porter.  Tasty
As was the shrimp. Two servings for dinner.  I had most of the grouper tonight, Thursday, as I wrap up this Tale.

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Joanne said...

Yay! I'll be there March 15.