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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Salt Springs, and more

Yes blue crabs are. Part of the "more"
 Began the day with a stroll along the shore of Mill Dam Lake

Breakfast, wi fi still down.  A good thing, got me on the road faster.

Launched from the Salt Springs Marina at 10:15.  Lots of trucks and trailers in the parking lot.  The return of blue skies brought out the Sunday boaters and those who canceled Saturday due to rain.


Looking for manatees

Found them.  Time to take advantage of the water proof case.



Time for me to paddle down Salt Springs Run








Salt Springs Run flows about 4.5 miles from Springs to Lake George.  I did not want to go all the way.  But, I wanted to see eagles.  Along with manatees in season, I usually see them.
And I did. Two, wheeling high above.  Where I have seen bad eagles before.  Near a shell mound.  Must be a nesting pair.


Coots.  Large rafts of coots, like manatees and bald eagles, are frequently seen on Salt Springs Run

Flying ahead to pose again



 Bit off more than he could chew.
Or, practices catch and release.  The great blue heron dropped the fish in the Run and flew away
 The area between the Marina and Springs now had several kayaks and other boaters.   Trying to see manatees, I assume.  As I had enjoyed a private audience, I landed. 1:30
Left the Marina
 To the Springs.  Entry fee is now 6 bucks.  May have to sneak in from the Marina, like I used to.  Marina fee is 5. They really should have a combo discount.


Snorkeling with bass



 Blue crabs must like the heat and salinity of Salt Springs.   I rarely see them in other springs
Just saw one, did not want to spend much time near this vent, as word was a water moccasin was nearby.









Out of the water

Took the scenic route back to Mill Dam Lake
 The well maintained sand road from 19 to 40 on the edge of the Juniper Prairie Wilderness
Parked at the Pat's Island Trailhead and went for a short bike ride
 Scrub jay



Thank you, Florida Trail volunteers.   I of course, was not on the Trail.  Foot traffic only.  A short ride, not much more than a mile.
 Got out of the car for these scrub jays

There were a few puddles from Saturday's rain
 Sunset paddle on Mill Dam Lake
Sand hill cranes




 The cabins. 16 rentals
The cranes welcomed me as I landed at 6:26.   The wi fi was working, so I was able to begin Saturday's Tale.  Not to well, or it would not have taken until Weds. to finish the second Tale of the weekend.


Luis said...

That first UW manatee pic is something else. Beautiful!!!!

Brenda M said...

That blue crab cover shot is OUTSTANDING!!! A+ manatee and underwater, too. Thanks for braving the water moc for us.