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Cedar Key Sunset

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wekiva River and Blackwater Creek

It had been a while since I've done this paddle.  December 1. Was thinking of doing it Saturday, but the wind had me paddling Rock Springs Run.  Narrow, tree lined for a lot of the paddle, so wind has less of an effect.  Unless a tree blows down on the kayak.  Today, light winds forecast.
 Launched from Katie's Landing at 9:15
Checked out the west side of the Wekiva.


Paddling down the Wekiva.  Like the river it flows into, the St. Johns, the Wekiva flows north.

 Sunday brunch

 Nesting great blue heron

No wildlife in the above pic.  Just showing off the blue sky.

Yellow bellied slider, left. Red bellied, right.


First gator of the day.  With sunny skies, I figured I'd see a few.






Entering Blackwater Creek, 11:30


Paddled past my break spot
 There are usually lots of little gators in this area.  I just saw one adult, which went under as I came near.
Turned back at 12:15

One little gator just before I took a sandwich break
 Back on the water.
The thing on the bow is aviation oil.  Plucked out of the Wekiva.  A  full container. What kind of ahole needs aviation oil.... Oh. Air boats are banned on the Wekiva,  but somehow this was on the water.   Full, but was leaking a bit as after handling it, my hands were oily.
 Missed a photo of a bigger gator, but it put on a show. On the bank, facing away from the Creek.  Like the little one above.  Sensed my approach, did a 180, getting about a foot off the ground as it spun and splashed into the water.

1:30, back to the Wekiva.
Where the alligators are much less jumpy


 Saw no one on the way down the Wekiva, up and down Blackwater.  Back on the Wekiva, saw about 5-6 motor boats.  All slowed down.  Just one paddler.

 I try to pick up trash whenever I can, but sometimes........



Landed at 3:30

 Lazy bleeping bleepholes
Went for a walk

 30 minute walk.  Always good to commune with spirits on Sunday.


Luis said...

The second pic from Blackwater Creek is as good as the one you use here for the heading.

Dave said...

The cloudless sky made it a good day for reflections.