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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lakes Virginia and Mizel

On the throne this morning, I remembered the Fort Maitland ramp is closed for a couple weeks.  So, I had to drive an extra half mile this morning and launch from Dinky Dock in Winter Park.
 Parked next to a guy with an open LSAT book.  Wished him luck.  Told him I did that 30 years ago.  He said I could be his tutor.  Told him I was not practicing, and the wrong person to ask.  Thinking back, that was 33 years ago.  I recall nothing about the exam, other than coming out of Commerce Hall and hearing a roar from Camp Randall as the Badgers beat Purdue. On the way to just the second winning season since 1962.  Then, drinking Carlsberg Elephant Malt Liquor and partaking in other mood enhancers with Robert J., watching the Brewers beat the Tigers on the last Saturday of the season to clinch their first postseason berth.
Back to the present.  On the water at 8:43. Turned right, and began paddling around Lake Virginia.

Rollins College boat house. 

 Nesting cormorants and great egrets

The "R" is for Rollins

When I started out, I could hear loud bird cries from across Lake Virginia.  Limpkins, I thought.  As I continued, I realized they were peacocks.  Never saw them.

Through the Genius Canal to Lake Mizel


Always good to see a gator on the local lakes.



A long look into the canal to Lake Osceola.  Alas, I had to get to work.

Landed at 10:26.  Just as it began to get windy.

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