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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lakes Virginia, Osceola and Mizell

Put in at Dinky Dock on Lake Virginia due to the temporary closure of the Fort Maitland put in. Here is some news about that. http://www.itsmymaitland.com/winterpark_observer.aspx?a=viewPost&PostID=25210
A fish in the shallows as I set out at 8:45

Into the Fern Canal

 Lake Osceola
Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden


 Capen house   Historic home, saved from demolition, moved across the Lake to the Polasek
Capen was one of the early settlers in Winter Park, helped fund the Dinky Line Railroad.  Where the Dinky Dock name is from.

Rich folks have boat lifts for their kayaks.
Or, maybe their power boat was repoed, as the home is for sale. Don't know if Buddha is included.
 It was windy, so I went back into the canal.



 Into Lake Mizell.  The smallest lake in the Chain, so I figured wind would not be as much as a factor.

I failed to get a picture of a bald eagle circling high in the blue sky
Fairbanks Avenue







Great blue heron nest.  There are several in a pair of trees on the shore of Rollins College


Anhingas share the roost





Landed at 10:30

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