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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Seminole State Forest

I'd camp more if it weren't for the sleeping, and cooking outdoors thing.  I only know I got some sleep because my sister does not work as a line cook while wearing blue hospital booties.
 Swallow tail kite as I went to the restroom.  Which is wherever you dig a hole.  I dug mine past far from Spring and Creek.

 Had a breakfast of potato salad and a smoked sausage.  Coffee had not perked, so I went kayaking while it did.
Began paddling up the Creek at 7:48

 I've been told people are trying to clear the Creek up stream from Moccasin Springs.   I did see fresh saw marks.
Turned back at 8:23
Past these marker ribbons, where beyond them, was another option on which way to go.  With no markers.  Not having had my coffee, I headed back.

 Saw some wood ducks, but no animal pics.   Two paddlers going up Creek as I came down.  Traffic jam.
Landed just after 9.  Poured the coffee.  Clear water.  This is why I don't camp more.  And, the fact that I never sleep. Well, not never.  I may have slept two hours
 Got on the bike.
Off the bike, on a horse trail to Palm Springs.

Two guys were at the spring. First time I've seen anyone here.

 Back on the bike

 Sulphur  Road.  Turned back when it go to sandy.
The start of the road used to be gravel, now the underlying asphalt is showing.  Don't know if this is intentional or the gravel has been washed away.
 Off the bike, to Shark Tooth Spring
Bear, or deer poop?


video  Darn planes would not stop.

 Picked objects out of the stream.  No teeth, as far as I can tell.  Dropped all back into the water.
Natural bridge. Root over the narrow run
 Florida Trail campsite
Logging, or habitat restoration?


I have never observed an animal from the Observation Blind.  I did see a deer, nearby, once.

I like Springs.
 And support them.  But the tag needs a kayak

 Moccasin Springs. Brown from high Creek water coming in.
Approaching the campsite, 11:09.  Should I get in the kayak?  Of course, no animal pictures since the swallow tail kite at dawn.
 Headed down Creek at 11:16

 Juvenile blue heron in flight

 I figured I paddle to the Florida Trail camp site just past the bridge.  A different site than the Sharks Tooth site.  A gator hang out.
Bingo.  Before I reached the campsite.
 Turned back at 11:42

Same gator

Same blue heron
 Same campsite.  Back at 12:07.  1:00  PM was when I had to be out of the campsite
As I broke camp, a paddler paused as he headed up the Creek.  Asked if this was Moccasin Springs, and how conditions were up Creek.  I told him what I knew.  He said he had a saw with him and hoped to do some clearing.  He then asked if I come here often.  I said yes.  He said he recognized me.  "I was the guy who was lost 2 years ago.  Thanks for helping out"  Actually, it was four years.  See the end of  this Tale
Locking the gate behind me as I left the Forest.  1:36 PM.  I stopped to dispose my trash and saw a guy in an orange shirt with blue letters that stated, I bleed orange and blue.  Florida Gator colors.  So, I asked who won yesterday's games.  "So and so got a hit and.....  then I saw "since 1962"  Oh, a Mets fan.  I told him I was asking about the Final Four.  He said he was not a basketball fan. What is wrong with people?  I tuned to sports radio on the drive home to get the bad news about the Badgers.

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