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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Animal Kingdom Lodge, April 28, 2014

If Disney would put a kayak trail through Animal Kingdom, it would be awesome.
 My nephew Evan and his family were on vacation.  I paid them a visit after work. The giraffe and horned beastie are seen from the hallways of the lodge as I made my way to the pool.

It had been raining
 Animals near the pool
 Nice to have some native mottled ducks with the zoo animal

The reason I was at Disney.  My nephew, Evan with his boys, Phineas and Cannon.  Mom, Camila is nearby.

African spoonbill.  Bigger than a roseate.

Phin loved the water slide.  A 3 year old daredevil.
. Who swims better than I did at more than twice his age.  I held Cannon for longer then I have ever held a baby.  The name is such a wonderful tribute to Evan's Mom's family.  He, and Camila, were brought up right.  Their boys have a bright future.

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