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Cedar Key Sunset

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cedar Key 5-4-14

I like waking up in Cedar Key.  The white pelicans are from later in the day.
7:26 am tour of Mermaids Landing

Breakfast, the ever continuing Yak Tales composing, good wi fi at the Landing, check out, and on to City Park
 Underway just before 10 am








Dolphins at the Number 2 Channel



A brief break from the dolphins. Gulls, black skimmers and oyster catchers on the sandbar




10 dolphins in and near the Number 2 Channel.  I have never seen so many, here. 

Spent over an hour hanging with them



 It was the annual Small boat meet
 Landed at 12:55..  Downloaded the morning's photos.  Tried to get on the web. Unable to.
 On the bike

A short ride.  To Tony's Seafood.

 Clam chowder
Clam strips. Better than Mrs. Paul's.  Or even, Ho Jo's.
 Tony's chowder won a taste contest in Rhode Island, so it calls it self world champion.
Rhode Island, pffft. About as big as Cedar Key.  Although, it does have the world's best architecture professor at the Rhode Island School of Design.  My cousin, Charlie .
 On the bike




 Back on the water, 3:15


Channel Number 2


Brown pelican, and beyond the Number 3 Bridge






Coming out of one of my spoonbill spots. If I had a camera on my head a bit earlier, I would have had a picture of 10 plus busting out of the mangroves


The dolphins were back!

 Landed at 6:10
 Stop for a few more pics before the Number  Bridge and back to the mainland.


Luis said...

Do not know if this one is complete or not but heck of a post. Nice dolphin pics.

Dave said...

Luis, and all my Talegators, it is done My Myakka weekend with limited wi fi and lots of photos put be behind on the Tales. Thanks