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Cedar Key Sunset

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cedar Key Sunset

Work closed at 5 PM, Friday, so I got a 30 minute start on the Memorial Day Weekend.
 On the water from the ramp at the Number 4 Bridge at 7:40
Paddled away from the bridge, and sun, to start


Turned around

Paddled into the wind



Auto setting has more zoom than the super vivid


That's all folks
 Another dream home



Landed just after 8:30. I was the only one on the water, a lone fisherman on the pier.  A air boat had left as I was putting in.  Wonder if it was louder than the cannon fire during the
Civil War skirmish that took place here.
I put the yak on the car and called Island Pizza. It was 8:45, they close at 9.  I have heard they make a clam pizza. It is not on the online menu.  I asked for it, and was told there was not enough time to make it.  They also have an oyster pizza, but the season is over. I ordered the combination.
 My cottage at Pirate's Cove.  On HWY 24, just east of Mermaid's Landing.  First time here.
 The keys were left on the table. I unpacked half my stuff, made the half block walk to Island Pizza.  The pizza cook was just putting the last of the toppings on what looked larger than a small.  "Is that mine"  Yes, we ran out of small dough balls, you will still pay the small price.  She said it would be ready in 8 minutes. I went back to the cottage.

Finished unloading the car.
Sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, green pepper, onion. Not bad for 9.90. I gave her 11.
Still have one slice left after Friday dinner, Saturday pre and post sunrise breakfasts.



Joanne said...

I've always wondered about Pirate's Cove. Do you like it better than Park Place. Which cottage has the screened porch?

Dave said...

I prefer Park Place. 4

Joanne said...

I thought maybe the screened porch and dock would put Pirate's Cove in the lead.
Planning to go soon....

Dave said...

A place where you can't kayak half the time will never be in the lead. That's why I stayed at Nature's Landing once, and never came back. This is a good, inexpensive option during the season when Park Place's rates are higher. It is nicer than it's neighbor, Mermaid's Landing.