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Cedar Key Sunset

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cedar Key Tuesday

By arriving on Friday night and not having to work until 5 PM Tuesday, I extended the 3 day weekend to almost 5 days.
 Up to see the sunrise again

 I could be wrong, but it appears that Pirate's Cove,  is built on a foundation of oyster shells.  Don't know if its natural, or if they were brought in to raise the land above flood level. Of course, the bottom layer is natural, I am wondering if more were brought in.



Sounding like a broken record, I went to bed, not to sleep. Up and at 'em at eight. No coffee supplied.  I brought some, just in case. But had run out.  Walk to the Chevron station.  Only gas in town.

Flowers on the doorways of the cottages. There are 7 cottages. I was in Number 4
 Walking along State Highway 24

 Number 2 Bridge. Old and new.

Got my coffee.  You want to top off your gas tank outside of Cedar Key.  Regular is over 4 bucks a gallon

A different walk than my usual stroll downtown,  a half mile away.  Interesting scenes are everywhere in Cedar Key.

Back at Pirate's Cove
 And breakfast on the porch.  Last 2 Florida stone crab claws.
And Dave's seafood pasta.  Had clams left for dinners Wednesday, and tonight, Thursday.
 Check out is 11, I turned in my key at 10:30
Last picture before getting in the car and making the .08 mile trek to the Gulf.
 The winds of the last couple days filled the shore with seaweed
Underway at 11

 Once more into the Number 2 Channel

With the oyster bar not quite all the way underwater I did not go on the other side of the wreck. Yet;
 Into the canal at Nature's Landing
And the black crowned night heron, roseate spoonbill rookery. Saw a night heron, got a picture of a crow.
 Saw a few spoonbills, but the flew away from the narrow, twisty,area.
 Lots of bird poop
 The side tour let the tide come in a little more. The pelican moved to the bow of the wreck, I paddled past.
Found my friends

They flew away

I had an idea where to







 Back to the Number 2 Channel
 A split at the old railroad crossing. I went left, the city route

Clam nets drying.  They cover little ones as they mature.
 Clam nursery

 Noon recital
Great egret under the low bridge that leads to the back bayou. I have never gone in there.  Today would have been a good time, tide right to fit under the bridge, and paddle on the other side, but time was an issue

 Turned back, circling the little island across from the Marina

Osprey in the Pirate's Cove, cove

 Another look at cottage 4. Too bad I had not yet remembered I left a shirt in the bathroom.   Oh well, I have an excuse to return.  Not that I need one.



 Second photo of this fiery bush. First was during the morning coffee walk.
 A tumbler, part of the clam cleaning process




Jelly fish

 I realized I had not taken a picture of the Honeymoon Cottage all weekend
So, I paddled the choppy water past Dock Street and to the edge of the fishing pier to get a shot


Hey!  Look at me!

Landed at 1:45
 Took my time loading to car, using the beach shower, changing.
On the road at 2:20


I punched in at work 5 minutes early.  I will be back at Cedar Key, soon. July 4, for sure, maybe sooner.

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