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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dora Canal and Mount Dora Blues Fest

As long as I was going to Mount Dora for the final day of the Blues and Grove weekend, I figured I should check out the Dora Canal. It links Lake Dora and Eustis. Reputed to be lovely, but what do motor boaters know? A late start after living the life of a bluesman the last two nights. Thought I would launch at Wooten Park, on Lake Dora, in Tavares. But, I found it yak unfriendly. Parking lot full, a long walk to a wide concrete ramp. So, I continued to Summerall Park. Much smaller, and better for my purposes. On the water at 11:52. A short canal to the Dora Canal

 Another short paddle to a windy, wavy, wakey, Lake Dora.  I turned back.

Passing Summerall Park
Approaching the U.S.19 bridge.  So far, I was not impressed.
It got better




Anhinga chicks

441 bridge
 Lake Harris
Dock on the shore.  As was Lake Dora, Lake Harris was a bit choppy. And, I had a concert to see. I headed back.

Perhaps the father of the anhinga chicks.  A female was also nearby.  The Dora Canal is just over a mile long.  I extended the paddle by going into a side a canal




 Notice the above red leafed plant in a couple spots on the canal
Back to Dora
 There was only one active nest that I saw. Happened to be at the junction of the Dora, and side, canals, so I got another photo
 And another


 Wood ducks in another side canal

Magnolia trees

In bloom






Danger, I laugh at thee.  And always wear my PFD.


Another side, residential canal.  This one opens to the main canal on both ends

People in the Golden Triangle like their little faux lighthouses

The Golden Triangle being the towns of Mount Dora, Tavares, and Eustis.
 Landed at 2:15.  Helped a couple of young fishermen get there pedal boat out of the water.  They had a home made trailer. Granny three wheeler bike with some 2x4s. This is a pedal boat
Not the one I saw today, but my nephews, Jack, and Aidan, on Lake Katherine, in August, 2011
Summerall Park.  I don't think it is named after Pat. He is from Lake City, not Lake County, Florida.
 The final day of the Blues Weekend was not held at Elizabeth Evans Park, but inside the Mount Dora Community Building.  There is a Farmer's Market at the Park on Sunday.
3 acts today. I missed the first, Jerry J's Triple Shot, but I saw them Saturday.

This is Randie Paul

She cracked a few blonde jokes, and then said she was "that blind chick from Clermont"  Or so I thought. So, I checked her out closer,  not that I had not been checking her out before. Sure did not seem to me blind, dancing, interacting with her band.
I have video of her singing, but it is taking to long to download.

Out in the courtyard between acts
 A little something to go with my beer

 Just one food truck, and a hot dog cart. Food trucks, big deal. My Milwaukee friends will remember the food bus at Summerfest.  Suburpia.  Not sure if I ever bought a sub, but those 32 oz cokes in the cardboard containers were great for mixing in a half pint of Bacardi.

Can't go wrong with pork and beef. And more

There was beer in the courtyard, and beer inside the hall.  But, you could not carry your beer into the hall.  Because, I assume, you had to take a few steps on the city sidewalk.  So, I downed by beer, went inside, and had another.  A bottle poured into a cup, as the tap was not working.  Good to have a backup plan.
 The hall, built in the 1920's seats 600.  Lots of seats available.  The VIP section sign was removed, so anyone could sit up front.  I'll have to keep that in mind for next year.  As I waited for Pat Travers, Randie  Paul walked by, hand around a friend's arm, the other holding a red and white cane.  Her stage presence must come from over 30 years as a performer in the Orlando area.
Pat Travers
 Classic rock and roll trio pose
Classic rock and roll blue suede shoes



 Took a walk to regain my hearing after the show






Atop Mount Dora
The bed and breakfast looks much better with the Yak Dave Mobile in front/ Left town at 6:30. There is a brew pup on the way out. Thought about stopping, maybe next year.
I'll need a new T-shirt

The lanyard is now on a camera

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