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Monday, May 12, 2014

Lakes Maitland, Nina, and Minnehaha

After 22 and a half years of dedicated service, my garage door opener died last (Sunday) night.  Due to other door issues, I had to have it replaced straight away.  So, I worked half a day than waited for the door man.  A twenty mile drive back to work in rush hour traffic to work a few more hours today made no sense.  Kayaking did.  I will make up the lost work time.  Most of it.

The launch at Fort Maitland Park looks to be halfway done, but, is open.  I bet boaters were complaining.  I was underway at 5.
 It was windy, so I stayed close to shore
The better to see hawks on swing sets

 Protected from the wind in the canal linking Lake Maitland to Lake Minnehaha.  Via Lake Nina

Wood ducks

Back to the canal after following the wood ducks on Lake Nina



You can't tell from the photos, but Lake Minnehaha''s water was much browner than usual.  Don't know if it is from rain, or algae bloom, or dirt runoff from several home building sites on the Lake.

You'd think it would be white from anhinga poop

Brown water in the canal

 Walking the tightrope

Back in Lake Maitland, paddled across the wind driven waves to Dog Island.



 How nice for the homeowner to gather all these great skipping stones.
Landed at 7:20. Stopped at Lake Lilly Park. Across the street from Fort Maitland Park
 Thought I would walk over to Lake Sybelia, chasing the sunset.
I forgot Lake Catherine is between Lakes Lily and Sybelia

When I was a runner, this was part of my route.

Years ago, 3/4 of the road around Lake Catherine was dirt.

I suppose real old timers recall when it was all dirt

But, the first brick road in the state was at nearby Lake Lily

Moon over Maitland.
It would be nice to do this walk on a nightly basis.  Too bad the job is too far away, and after a long day, followed by  traffic on the long drive home,  I don't feel like doing anything. , because it is too late.
I will kayak tomorrow, Wednesday, morning to renew my spirit once again.

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