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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lakes VIrginia and Mizell

This Tuesday, I am going to make the 1.5 mile detour to Fort Maitland Park no matter how tired, hungry, and eager to get home I may be.  So I do not arrive at Fort Maitland Park only to find it still closed.  The sign said the work will be finished May 9. We shall see about that.  In March the sign stated the ramp would reopen on April 14.
 So, on to Dinky Dock where I got on the water  at 9:06. Work was going on there, also.

The anhingas are growing up.

 To the Genius Canal from Lake Virginia to Lake Mizell









Landed at 10:30.  The construction is actually the result of something on the other side of Lake Virginia.  After first asking the pilot of one of the two boats that were going back and forth, loaded with dirt on the return trip, if the City would frown on him trolling, yes, I was told they were removing a sand bar that had built up "at the out fall".  Two pontoon boats going back and forth,  a front end loader to empty the dirt into a truck.

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