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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lakes Maitland, Nina and Minnehaha

In a man bites dog, or in this instance, alligator story, I saw more alligators on Lake Minnehaha this morning than I saw on the Hillsborough River, Friday night.   One.
 Launched at 8:53





 Lake Nina





Little gator on a private boat launch.  Best view I've ever had on the Winter Park Chain.  They stay well hidden.  I have only seen about half a dozen over the years.  Looked for more nearby, did not see any.



 Moor hens in the lily pads







I went paddled back to where to where the gator had been. It was gone.









Landed at 10:45.   No one was on Lake Minnehaha.  A boat or two on Lake Maitland, two kayakers, and a bunch of yoga paddle boarders. A lot of Georgia and North Carolina plates in the parking lot. 

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